Channel 13


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Book4time is an innovative spa-management platform that allows for spas to manage day-to-day challenges and grow their businesses. The goal was to enhance the perception of the current brand and open up new channels of opportunity in the spa industry. Channel 13 focused on positioning the voice of the brand, while using strategies to isolate the company’s “Why.” The outcome was a strategic shift from management software to an innovative leader in the spa industry. This positioning set up the business to launch two new innovations Spa Monitor and Guest Intake. These innovations helped solve key problems that have hindered the spa industry for decades.

Channel 13 developed a visual brand strategy to showcase Book4time’s refined brand voice, purpose and image that reflected the new overall goals of the company. 

Brand Strategy  /  Brand Positioning  /  Content Creation  /  Visual Identity  /  Print & Editorial  /  Advertising  /  Interactive  /  Environmental Graphics