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Our dynamic team has been the creative drive of Channel 13 from day one. They come to the table with diverse backgrounds in strategic concept and business development, brand creation and impactful design for every medium.



STRATEGic Development + Creative director

Michael brings his diverse experience in brand development, layout design and typography to Channel 13 as a founding partner. His advanced diploma in graphic design at George Brown College and previous agency experience provided hands-on training for his current role as creative and art director where he oversees strategic development and visual identity creation.

He ensures successful results through meaningful interactions with clients and is always seeking new and innovative solutions to creative challenges. And since actions speak louder than words, he likes to refuel with a good workout. Or relax with a cold beer on a patio, depending on the day. 

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BUSINESS development + Creative director

Riel worked at major design agencies before helping launch Channel 13 to add his artistic input to the world. His expertise in strategic business development and background in visual art gives him a well-rounded approach to translating a client’s vision into the brand they’re looking for – or perhaps haven’t thought of yet. And he loves the collaborative creative process to reach that point.

He received his Bachelor of Design at OCAD University in Toronto and specializes in design for all forms of digital and print media. He can also step in to DJ when the occasion calls for an epic soundtrack.

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visual identity Development + Creative director

Gianluca’s design instincts are at the core of the agency he helped bring to life as art and creative director. An artist by trade, Gianluca received his advanced diploma in graphic design at George Brown College and refined his craft at multiple design agencies. Since then he’s made an art out of bringing a client’s vision to life through beautifully designed concepts and hand-drawn illustrations.

With his strategic vision, Gianluca identifies key industry trends and drafts creative solutions that both suit the needs of his clients and enhance brand recognition. And while his dreams of playing professional soccer didn't quite pan out, it's given him time to secretly refine his palette as a cook.

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